Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software


In 2018, Mummu Studio began creating animated tutorials for the fintech company Square, who specialise in providing payment services to sellers and businesses of all sizes. Square needed a tutorial production partner to service its demand to keep a busy and time-critical B2B client base educated on using its payment products and software. 

Due to the ever-evolving technological advancements within financial services, tutorials would be required every quarter and on an annual basis. Square’s tutorial output peaked in 2022 with 190 different deliverables that consisted of new tutorials, updates to existing tutorials, and localisation packages for 10 different markets.

Full-Service Production Partner

With over a decade of experience creating tutorials, explainer videos, and product overviews for tech companies looking to communicate with B2B and B2C audiences. Mummu Studio could be depended upon to handle all of Square’s tutorial requirements. 

Our team of experts immersed themselves in Square’s products and software, learning all the ins and outs so that they were best positioned to write clear and effective step-by-step tutorials.

Managing a substantial workload, it was crucial to streamline the process for Square. Mummu’s team, comprising project managers and animators, collaborated closely with various departments at Square to establish a seamless and efficient workflow for an ongoing series of tutorial projects.

This involved the full spectrum of Mummu’s service offering and production process: script writing, design, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, and localisation.

UI Tutorials to Portray Key Features

User interface tutorials and UI tutorials, for short, are the most frequently used tutorials in Square’s tutorial portfolio. 

UI tutorials mimic the POV of a user interacting with a piece of Square’s hardware or software and can be used to easily demonstrate a step-by-step guide on setting up or using a particular product. Mummu Studio worked with Figma files supplied by Square’s UI design teams to make sure the tutorials were realistic and always stayed up to date with the latest product updates.

Speaking to Different Users Through Character Tutorials

Whilst developing the needs and requirements of the project, we decided to use characterisation to portray the different users of their products. 

Using characters is an engaging way to catch an audience’s attention, to find empathy and relate to them, using a style and design that will appeal to a wide-ranging B2B audience. 

Characters can also be branded with key colours and will not date a video, in the same way, using live-action does, and the animated videos could be easily updated to increase their use and return on investment for Square.

Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software
Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software

Motion Graphics and Photography to Carry Brand Voice

We used Square’s established graphic style and photographic assets to communicate with and highlight their B2B audience. 

These elements work effectively to give a brief product overview before deep-diving into a more thorough step-by-step UI walkthrough.

Motion and type were used together to add impact and draw attention to key, short and direct educational content that is more cost-effective to localise, giving those savings back directly to the client.

Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software
Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software

Localisation and Voiceover to Cater to Different Markets

A crucial part of creating tutorials for Square was making sure the tutorials could be delivered to 10 different key markets including, US (English & Spanish), Canadian (English & French), UK, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, and Japan. 

Mummu Studio worked with Square to develop scripts, offering our translation and voiceover services. Square chose from a selection of talent, and we then created ongoing relationships with the talent to secure consistency and also maximum value for Square. 

Over the years this project has developed, voiceover sessions have moved away from typical studio sessions to favouring talent that can record in their own remote home studio, which allows much more production flexibility, efficiency and value.

Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software
Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software
Square: Tutorials for Continuously Evolving Software

“It has been a pleasure growing this program with you guys over the last 4 years and hope that we can find ways to continue to work in the future once this batch is wrapped up.”

Aaron Ruthnik – Content Producer Square Inc


Account & Project Management – Production – Scriptwriting – Design – Storyboarding – Character Animation – Motion Graphics – 2D Animation – Translation – Localisation – Voiceover & Sound Production


Client Leads
Aaron Ruthnick and Dillon Wilensky
Agency Producers
Katie Sunderland and Alex Villa

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