Visit Qatar: Qatar Welcomes the World

Created by Hea Poh Linfrom the Noun Project

Mummu created a 3D animated TV commercial for Visit Qatar, inspired by pop-up books and paper craft. The animation is centered on the Qatar passport and uses it as a canvas, to highlight the countries most exciting and enticing attractions.

The ad was a key part of their campaign to drive more tourism to the country by opening up it’s visa policy to over 80 countries. It aired on CNN International to a global audience of would-be travellers, with an open invitation to visit Qatar as it welcomes the world!


Produced and Created by Mummu
Creative Director: Karl Hammond
Animation Director: Chris Ketchell
Producer: Sam Atkin
Design: Chris Ketchell, Shari Solo, Giulia Frixone
Animators: Shari Solo, Thomas Weeden, Rob Gavin
Compositors: Chris Ketchell, Karl Hammond, Thomas Weeden
Sound and Music: Marian Mentrup
Agency: CNN Create
Client: Visit Qatar
Script: James Sharpe
Agency Global Creative Director: John Malone
Agency Producer: James Sharpe