Glaxosmithkline: The Itchy Itch

Created by Hea Poh Linfrom the Noun Project

Mummu had the pleasure of creating this charming 2D illustrative character animation in collaboration with the creative agency Wunderman; to highlight GSK’s Oilatum Cream’s ability to sooth any annoying itch. 

The animation had to appeal to parents of babies and toddlers who used their products. It would feature online across Europe as part of a digital and social campaign.

Our team worked closely with the creatives at Wunderman, starting with their initial concept. This helped to refine the story and from there, design a beautiful storybook style. This style, which was reminiscent of many children’s books, felt familiar to the target audience.

Say hello to the Itchy Itch, that annoying, pesky but lovable friend that you just can’t get rid of.


Produced and Created by Mummu
Animation Director & Illustrated by: Karl Hammond
Producer: Sam Atkin
Animators: Thea Glad, Morgane Fraschina, James Turzynski,
Compositors: Ian Sergeant
Sound and Music: Marian Mentrup
Agency: Wunderbar
Client: Glaxosmithkline
Agency Creative Director: Martin Buckwell
Agency Producer: Kevin Bolton