Ford: Designing Insights Into The Mind

Created by Hea Poh Linfrom the Noun Project

Mummu were approached by CNN Create to produce two social media animations about Ford’s new helmet that has been designed to read the minds of race car drivers.

Hosted on the cinematic-storytelling platform Great Big Story; the animations explain the science behind Ford’s helmet and how racing drivers are able to use their own brain’s data. Electroencephalographic headgear monitors their brain activity when they’re driving and turns that information into insights—which can help them improve how they drive and win more races.

Could this be the future of motor sport?


Created & Produced by Mummu

Animation Directors: Sam Atkin & Karl Hammond

Design & Animation: Scott Bridge

Storyboard & Design: James Turzynski

Sound Design: Marian Mentrup

Client: Ford

Agency: CNN Create

Agency Producer: Tom Canning

Agency Creatives: John Malone, Adnan Kazi