Cancer Cachexia Hub: It’s hard to see when CAC starts

Created by Hea Poh Linfrom the Noun Project

In collaboration with the agency Health Circle, Mummu created an illustrative animation to raise awareness of the little understood condition cancer anorexia-cachexia, which effects cancer patients in the later stages of their disease.

Peter begins the film with an advanced stage of cancer anorexia-cachexia. Throughout the film, his disease runs in reverse, so that he gradually improves to the point where his condition first started. We hear the internal monologue of Peter, his wife Kate and Peter’s HCP.


Produced and Created by Mummu
Creative Director: Sam Atkin, Karl Hammond
Art Director: Morgane Fraschina
Producer: Karl Hammond, Lucy Evans
Animators: Thea Glad, Morgane Fraschina, James Turzynski, Thomas Weeden
Compositors: Matthias Hoegg, Thomas Weeden
Sound and Music: Marian Mentrup
Agency: Healthcirlce
Client: Cancer Cachexia Hub
Agency Art Director: Lesley Seager
Agency Producer: Lucinda Sian