BBC: Seeking Refuge

Created by Hea Poh Linfrom the Noun Project

Mummu created Julianne’s Story; a children’s educational animation commissioned by The BBC, about a young girl and her reunion with her mother after being separated during a difficult migrant journey from Zimbabwe to the UK.

Julianne’s Story is part of the Seeking Refuge series, produced to educate viewers on the struggles of young people forced into the refugee crisis. Having won a BAFTA Children’s Award in Primary Learning in 2012, Seeking Refuge is still used in schools as a learning resource, in its original animated form and also as a published book, illustrated with stills from the animation


Produced & Created by Mummu
Directed & Produced by: Mosaic Films
Animation Director & Illustrator: Karl Hammond
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Animation: Matthias Hoegg, Sam Atkin