The Anna Freud Centre: Our Story

Created by Hea Poh Linfrom the Noun Project

Mummu created an informative 2D character animation for The Anna Freud Centre, a children’s mental health charity.

When it comes to dealing with the serious and sensitive subject matter of children’s mental health and the challenges their families face, animation is the most appropriate style to create a positive and uplifting message which will appeal to a wide audience.

The strong and collaborative relationship between Mummu and The Anna Freud Centre enabled us to share the vision of a world in which children and their families are effectively supported to build on their own strengths, to achieve their goals in life.


Produced & Created by Mummu
Creative Director: Sam Atkin
Animation: Aaron Lampert, James Turzynski
Producer: Claire Plaskow
Creative Development: Natalie Harvey
Sound Design: Aaron Lampert
Client: Anna Freud Centre