Teaming up with CNN Create, Mummu produced a 2D illustrative animation for the charity EDOF to be shared globally on CNN International networks, TV and online.

EDOF’s role in post-war situations, medical research and in fighting human trafficking is vital to communities all over the world. The concept, of seeds representing new starts, creates a balance by highlighting serious real-world issues whilst maintaining a positive tone throughout.

The animation amplifies the message that EDOF deals with current issues by investing in the people who can help; acting as a catalyst for change.

EDOF case study | 2D illustrative animation | Mummu Studio

The Cause | EDOF case study | Mummu Studio

The Cause

The Essam & Dalal Obaid Foundation (EDOF) was founded in 2014. EDOF is a global non-profit organisation with a two-fold mission: medical work and social work. The EDOF wants to make a difference in improving the lives of people in need around the world. The organisation is committed to joining in the daily effort of its fellow advocates, such as the Red Cross, to raise awareness, educate and build bridges to help increase the opportunity for positive changes within a global society.

To realise its ambitions, the EDOF began working with the CNN Freedom Project, which has the aim of putting an end to modern-day slavery. As part of the campaign, they required a 1-minute TVC that would promote their hopeful message and draw attention to their mission.

Mummu had previously worked with the agency CNN Create, and a successful relationship had already been established. So, when they got in touch to see if we’d like to collaborate and bring our expertise to the project we were all geared up and keen to be involved.

Concept and Collaboration

The foundation’s logo consists of a five-branched tree, that represents each member of the founding family. Mummu and CNN Create decided that it would be a good idea to centralise the concept around this tree, developing it further to include seeds, which would represent the initiatives and charities that the EDOF are looking to support and help grow into strong trees of their own. As CNN began writing the one minute script, the team at Mummu began exploring the concept visually and prepared a range of concepts and character art to convince the client of the direction.

Style and Character Design

The intention from the beginning was to create a film that has warmth and charm, to reflect the positive message that the EDOF wants to convey. This was the perfect brief for Mummu, utilising our signature illustrative 2D style. Creative Director, Karl Hammond lead the team and worked closely with Art Director, Bali Engel, to create an illustrative storybook style with a universal appeal. Much care and attention to detail was used when designing the characters, making sure they accurately represented the diverse mix of people from around the world that are touched by the EDOF’s mission.

Style and Character Design | EDOF case study | Mummu Studio
EDOF case study | Mummu | 2d animation studio

Voice and Music

CNN enlisted the help of the experienced and recognisable actor and voice artist Hugh Bonneville, known for his work in TV series Downton Abbey and voicing a vast array of documentary and charitable scripts. Having ourselves become very familiar with the script during the 10-week production period, it was a joy to hear the extra warmth and reassurance Hugh’s voice brought to the animation. In addition to the amazing voice talent, Mummu recommended composer and long-time collaborator Marian Mentrup. Marian wrote bespoke music to accompany the animation, which reacted to the changes in pace and flow of the animation.


Produced and Created by
Creative Director
Karl Hammond
Art Director
Bali Engel
Sam Atkin
Junior Producer
Lucy Evans
Sean Weston, James Turzynski, Thomas Weeden, Anita Gil
Matt Landel, John Wilkinson, Tom Readdy
Sound and Music
Marian Mentrup
Voice Over
Hugh Bonneville
CNN Create
James Sharpe
Agency Producer
James Sharpe
Agency Global Creative Director
John Malone
Agency Production Manager:
Angela Confeggi

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