Introducing Mummu Health

Some of you already know us, some of you used to know us, and some of you we’ve never met before. Let us introduce ourselves; we’re Mummu Studio and the freshly formed (in 2022) Mummu Health. Established in 2010, we’re experts in making 2D & 3D animation for big brands and healthcare industries. Breaking boundaries […]


The Mummu Method: Tutorials for Tech and FinTech Apps and Platforms

At Mummu, every animation project is tailored to its specific cause, and our expertise lies in creating animations that deliver the most compelling results. We build our animations around digestible, fact-based content, forming the foundation for us to add nuanced depth and dimension. With over a decade of experience in the field, you can trust […]


A brief introduction to UI Tutorials in Tech and Fintech: the considerations and benefits.

In today’s technology era, the user interface (UI) is one of the essential features that can either make or break your product. Hence, it’s vital to provide quality animated tutorials and product videos that help users understand how to navigate your software or application.  The design, storyboard, tone of voice, scriptwriting, character usage and voiceover […]


The Road Less Travelled: Explaining the 7 Steps Involved in Animation Production.

Animation is the road less traveled, so let Mummu guide you in using what is an effective resource, that allows for both complex and simple messages to be explained in a truly eye-catching way. This versatile marketing component can be used in a variety of ways from creating short brand animations for your website & […]


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