What is Genetic Modification?
What is Genetic Modification?

What is Genetic Modification?

The Royal Society is the national academy for science in the UK, running for over 350 years. It is a self-governing fellowship made up of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists, who are elected based on their scientific work.

As part of their mission to promote the benefits of science they launched a campaign to inform the general public about the use of new technologies in agriculture, specifically genetic modification in crop seeds. Their research showed that more than half of the UK’s population did not feel well informed about the use of genetic modification in their food. By providing unbiased answers to questions from the public, they aimed to provide enough information so that people would be able to form an educated opinion on the subject.

The Royal Society approached us at Mummu to produce a short engaging animation summarising genetic modification (GM), appealing to a scientifically-aware general public, and prompting them to seek out more information on their website. The animation introduced the subject of GM accurately from an objective viewpoint, reflecting the serious tone of The Royal Society’s research. Equally, it was important that the animation was visually appealing, enticing, and encouraged the general public to visit The Royal Society’s website.

Determined to illustrate the subject accurately, a team at Mummu began by researching and designing key scientific material, which was then approved by the experts at The Royal Society. The Royal Society supplied us with a rough script, which we adapted to work inside the medium of animation. We then began conceptualizing the visuals by creating key style frames. The combination of illustration and graphics balanced science and nature in the animation, as Mummu illustrators used texture to soften the designs and add extra warmth to them. The animation uses a base of colours which match with The Royal Society’s brand colours, creating a uniformity to the animation on the website.

The animation was made primarily using After Effects to create smooth transitions that connected the designs with a fluid motion. Each design was brought to life with subtle movements, whilst its clarity was preserved. The illustration style and work Mummu created was used beyond the original scope of the animation project and was included in the report itself and on social media platforms to direct wider audiences to the Q&A information.

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