Seeking Refuge

Mummu had the pleasure of working with Mosaic Films in creating one of five animated documentaries in aid of National Refugee Week.  The animations, which were aired on the BBC, illustrate the journey of five children who have sought refuge in the UK.  Each journey was narrated by the children with an emphasis on the reality of their plight.  The animations showed the challenges refugees face are not just in their home country but also in building their new lives in the UK.  Mummu had the honour of animating Juliane’s story, a refugee from Zimbabwe.

We were delighted with the positive responses Seeking Refuge received.  Juliane’s story ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ was shared hundreds of times across social media, and was featured in the Society Section of the Guardian blog.  The Seeking Refuge series was also awarded a Children’s BAFTA and has been invited to screenings at film festivals around the world.

It was a privilege to be involved with the project and help raise the awareness of National Refugee Week.

If you would like to see Juliane’s story in its entirety please visit the BBC learning site:

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