Miles and Jake
Miles and Jake

Miles and Jake

Through an appreciation of our work, Disney approached Mummu to create a television commercial (TVC) to advertise their two new shows: Jake and the Netherland Pirates, and Miles and The Land of Tomorrow.

Disney wanted to create a mixed media piece using young, live action actors that would appeal to an audience of 5 - 12 year olds. They were looking for something that was cool, contemporary and different to the other promos on the Disney channels. Mummu worked with director Tom McCarten, who presented an exciting stop motion and paper craft treatment. Tom created two fantastical landscapes for our actors and animated characters to explore; one in space and the other at sea with pirates.

The production started with Tom creating a simple 2D animatic. Over two weeks this was developed into a full CGI draft of the TVC, clearly showing the content of each scene and the timing of each shot. This was essential in making sure that both sets of content; shot in live action, and in stop motion, would come together seamlessly.

With a talented team, comprising of a stop motion animator and paper craft modeller, Tom’s planning had been crucial in capturing the shots he needed. Painstakingly crafted, intricately detailed models of rockets, palm trees and explosions were magically brought to life.

Tom finished the piece by adding a third layer of frame by frame Photoshop animation, creating details and accenting the stop motion action.

Both Disney and Mummu were excited to air the TVC. Various edits have now been created, with cut aways of the animated TV shows, ready to be shown in different territories around the world.

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