Govia Thameslink Railway: The Boredom Monster
Govia Thameslink Railway: The Boredom Monster

Govia Thameslink Railway: The Boredom Monster

VCCP approached Mummu to design and create a 30” TVC for Govia Thameslink Railway. The objective was to create a fun and quirky commercial that highlighted the benefits of using GTR during the school holidays. By visiting key attractions around the UK and alleviating the boredom kids usually have when they aren’t at school, the “Boredom Monster” was born.

Upon first reading the script from VCCP, Mummu Creative Director Karl Hammond wanted to turn the suggested cuts in between each scene into transitions capturing the sense and speed of a train passing. These fast transitions would be successful in creating a 30 second film that flowed seamlessly from start to finish giving the viewer the sense they were on a journey as well as with our characters. With designer James Turzynski we were able to clearly storyboard how the train would dynamically run through our scenes, giving great direction to our 3D artist.

Karl set the style of the animation by firstly creating the boy character and then by subtly tweaking the facial features, body, hair and hands. The monster needed to be highly expressive at the peak of his boredom tantrum, but still approachable and recognizable as the boy. 2D Flash animator Claudio Salas was able to smoothly transition the monster into the boy. Mummu were able to work closely with VCCP in developing all other characters by presenting options, enabling the agency to choose between the various character features such as the colour of the girl’s hair or the size of the man monster’s fangs.

When creating the world the characters occupied there was the opportunity to deal with one of the challenges set by the agency, to communicate the brand colours of the client. The creative team looked at various ways of balancing the blue, purple and pinks of the GTR brand identity, eventually overlaying a subtle animated texture over the character and background, merging the two elements and creating a craft like feel to the piece.

It took 5 weeks in total from concept to delivery for the TVC, whilst a print campaign was also launched during this time using artwork created for the animation. This included posters, leaflets and much more.

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