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Meet Ale

Meet Ale, our lovely new intern! Check out his work here:

Mummu the Creator- Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten

Mummu the Creator- Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten

Mummu had the pleasure of welcoming animation super-duo Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten (aka TwinTrash) to our studio for a two-week internship, before they returned to their final year at Kingston University.

Over the two weeks Tommy and Markus got involved with various projects going through the studio and also created this fantastic Mummu sting for us, complete with their own sound design!

Taking inspiration from Mummu’s Babylonian roots, the twins created a God-like character with a hands-on approach to craft and an eye for perfection!

Check out more of Tommy and Markus’ super work on their TwinTrash YouTube channel;

#whoknew social media animation could be this insightful?

This summer, the Mummu team worked closely with OgilvyOne to develop fifteen animations for IBM's #whoknew campaign - serving fun insights from this year's Wimbledon Championships!

We were absolutely delighted to see our animations used across various social media and advertising platforms throughout Wimbledon; from banner adverts displayed next to relevant articles, to site take overs, and news website spots - such as The Telegraph! We even spotted the animation design style adapted for still frames of the tournament statistics, as well as a variety of gifs developed for the IBM Tumblr page.

"The time constraints of the project heavily influenced our simplistic design approach," explains Sam Atkin, "although initially seen as restrictive, it's been great to see the designs have work so effectively across all of the different media platforms."

We couldn't be more proud of the work we produced and the reaction it received this year.

Mummu in Rooms Magazine

Earlier this year, we opened the doors of our Hoxton studio to independent art publication, Rooms Magazine. After we showed them around and introduced our team, they chatted to our co-founders and creative directors, Sam and Karl, about how it all started, new technologies and the importance of sound, colours and textures.

The interview is part of their July 2014 photo-reportage style feature, portraying the behind-the-scenes of animation studios. Here's a snippet:

How did you come up with the logo and the name Mummu?

Mummu is the Babylonian god of craftsmanship and technical skill, so we thought it was an interesting name. But we liked the sound of it and the look of it as a word more than anything else. Since we formed, we’ve discovered that Mummu means a few different things around the world, like Granny in Finnish. We wanted a logo that retained a bit of mysticism...

Is there a definite quality to have in order to be a good animator and/or creative director?

You need to be curious, to find out how things are made and what new skills you need to learn to keep developing your work. To be interested you need to be passionate, that’s what drives you.

How important is the relationship between sound, colours and texture in the animation world?

Very important! When they all work together well it can be the key to wonderful work, but used without proper consideration they can all be the downfall of work with great potential.

Head over to to read the full article and find out more!

Mummu’s Top Tips for Animators

The editorial team at Creative Bloq recently contacted the Mummu studio to discuss showreels and compile our top tips for animators looking to grab attention with their work. Here's a snippet:

03. Work out where your strengths lie... "It's often hard when straight out of uni, but it can sometimes look like you are short of work if you have cut up one piece of work and spread it throughout the reel. So be critical and highlight the best bit that shows who you are; a character designer or animator, motion graphics artist or director. Rarely is one person great at everything."

Head over to to read '7 ways to ensure your showreel stands out from the crowd' featuring top tips from Mummu and a few other London animation studios.

We have an abundance of advice for any budding animators looking to join the industry. So, if you're a graduate or freelance animator looking to develop your talent, here are six more of our top tips:

1. Do your research. Find out about the companies or contacts you are, or want to, connect with and make sure that your work is right for them - it will save you time in the long run.

2. Network. Connect with as many people as possible, and make meaningful contacts that are more likely to get you work. Always be happy and polite; don't get upset if you receive knock backs or people seem to busy to see you, it's a fast paced industry and everyone has a lot to do - it's not always a reflection of your work!

3. Clips vs showreels. Show reels are great, but individual clips effectively show your ability to tell stories as well as your animation skills. If you are sending out a montage reel, make sure the viewer can watch a few key pieces in their entirety.

4. Less is more. Try to keep your Vimeo page or website as tidy and as up-to-date as possible. Does the character walk cycle that you did in your first year really reflect your current abilities? One piece of poor quality work can be enough to put people off.

5. Join the community. There are lots of great animation events such as seenoevil that are a great place to meet your contemporaries. We like to see active members of the animation community, with a real passion for what we all do and love - animation!

6. Keep creating. Don't stop making work just because you are no longer in university!

A Modern Day Babylonian God

Last week we introduced you to Johan, our Hyper Island Intern.  Before arriving in London we asked Johan to visualise Mummu; the Babylonian God of Craftsmanship and technical skill, then bring the character to life in the form of a GIF.  After exploring a variety of characters Johan came up with a modern day Mummu, chilling outside our very own studio on Hoxton Street!

Meet Johan

Mummu welcomes Johan to the studio! Check out his awesome work here

Mummu Talk to Kingston University Students

Illustration Animation students from Kingston University visited the Mummu studio to talk about life after graduation.

Mummu Co-Founders, Karl and Sam, both studied Illustration Animation at Kingston University; so when their former tutor, Martina Bramkamp, got in touch about the course's current students, they jumped at the chance to share their experiences.

The students were invited to the Mummu studios, here in the heart of Hoxton, where Karl and Sam talked about their time at Kingston University and life after graduation - right the way up to the story of Mummu! They received first-hand insight into life at a professional animation studio and showed a particular interest in GIFs and Photoshop animation.

As a result, Sam was invited to go and give a guest lecture on the subject. He was delighted to go and see his old tutors! Sam spent the morning discussing the basics of Photoshop Animation before giving the students a project; to produce a 5 second animated GIF. Each student developed an existing design into a short animation that they then submitted to us later that day via Twitter.

Here are some examples:

The Mummu team were delighted to meet the next generation of animators, and can't wait to see them in the London animation community in the near future!

Pictoplasma Portrait Project: #CharacterSelfies

This illustration was created by our very own co-founder, Sam Atkins. It was produced for the latest Pictoplasma Portrait Project: #CharacterSelfies.

A bit about the project:

Oxford Dictionaries name it the word of the year... We figured it was about time to counter the current craze of blurry duck faces and underexposed narcissism with some true character. Pictoplasma invites international designers, illustrators and artists to submit a self-portrait of their character for the big upcoming anniversary exhibition.

It was an unmissable opportunity to contribute towards an event showcasing the new generation of contemporary character design. Sam experimented with texture and a limited colour palette, combining his desire to draw a stag (with antlers) with the daily influence of Hoxton "trendies".

The East London Elk selfie was one of 2,500+ entries submitted by creatives across the animation and design industry. It was hand-picked to feature at the 10th Pictoplasma Festival exhibition, held in an abandoned warehouse in the centre of Berlin. Very fitting!

For more information about the exhibition, and to see all the entries, click here.

Animated GIFs for Movember

The Mummu team turn to animated GIFs to raise awareness for this year's Movember.

The Movember Foundation is a global men’s health charity committed to changing the face of men’s health... and quite literally too! Their annual awareness campaign, known simply as Movember, sees the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world, during the month previously known as November.

We reached out to our fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas on social media, to help us raise awareness for the campaign by producing animated GIFs featuring, you guessed it, moustaches. Every member of the Mummu team created their own MoGIF, including flying Mos and gentlemen eggs(!) It was great fun - and of course, all for a good cause!

We hosted the series on our MoGIFs Tumblr site and encouraged visitors to donate to the Movember Foundation via their favourite GIF. The site got spotted and shared by the official Movevmber UK team, who included it as part of their 'Art of Mo' campaign. Our most viewed GIF received over 11k notes on Tumblr - a fantastic result and great awareness!

The making of Seeking Refuge

The making of Seeking Refuge

From sketch to screen!  A short video showing the making of the BAFTA award winning Seeking Refuge!

Cut&Paste 2013: London’s Hero Animation

Cut&Paste 2013: London’s Hero Animation

Mummu were delighted to be one of six London animation studios approached for this year's Cut&Paste event.

Cut&Paste works to increase relationships between emerging designers, creative companies and media. This year's event, in collaboration with HP, brought six animation studios - Mummu, Blackmeal, Fred & Eric, Animade, Territory, and Golden Wolf - together to create London's newest superhero.

Each studio had to animate a ten-second scene representing a different life stage - baby, child, teen, adult, midlife, senior - of London's Hero. Each animation was produced sequentially in an exquisite corpse format, meaning that just the last 30 frames from the previous studio's work were provided to the next studio, in order to seamlessly stitch the sections together. Other than that each studio was kept in the dark about each other ideas and visuals.

On the 4th October, the Mummu team (Sam and Karl) made their way to ZED, HP's Pop-Up Studio for Creatives. With only 5 hours to animate their sequence - in front of a live, public audience!  - their preparation work was vital in making every second count.

"The biggest challenge was going into the animation blind to what every one else was doing. Also, deciding on how to leave the last 30 frames for the other studio to tag onto; Blackmeal were very kind to us with a white frame, but we weren't so kind to Fred & Eric. Wa Ha Ha!!!!" - Karl

On the 16th October, the six animation studios were invited to a closing party, where the full 60 second animation depicting the life of London's Hero was revealed. It was fantastic to see each of the scenes in sequence; just by deciding a few consistent elements - the umbrella, colour pallet, superpower - the teams managed to create an animation that not only flowed, but used humour throughout.

It was a great to get to meet everyone from the other studios, in a well-organised event that really made us appreciate the industry we work in!

You can find out more about the event over on Cut&Paste's website.